Fear of losing eyes

July 22, 2011 11:23am CST
Hello friends.. i work with computers. Now i have a feeling that it might cause some problems to my eyes if i continue to stare at monitors like this.
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• Philippines
22 Jul 11
Hi, that's very possible to your eyes. In my own experience computer are really caused of eyes problem specially when you used to stare at it. I have a this illness on my eyes called teridium. Its a white thing outside of the cornea, it was itchy sometimes specially when my eyes get dry. Or it always turn red when I go out and its very hot outside. I don't have this when I am still young. I just notice it when I got work and I used always a computer. So I advice that you used a protection for your eyes if you are using computer. A reading glasses or an anti-radiation cover for your computer.
• India
23 Jul 11
hello friend...r u sure that an anti-glare glass gives complete protection for our eyes from radiation..or to an extent?
@Rick1950 (1577)
• Lima, Peru
22 Jul 11
Actually almost everywhere will be used computers. It seems that modern life doesn't go anymore without them. Maybe can you search for a kind of monitor-protector in order that the shine won't be so strong. I would try to reduce the hours that I spend in front from computer, if it would be possible.