Friend or Foe????

July 22, 2011 3:11pm CST
i know friends are an important part of life and and i also understand that not everyone is perfect but everyone is human and that friendship is all about sticking with your mate through thick and thin. But i just can't tolerate the lies! Its when i draw the line!! I want to be able to share everything about my friend but i just can't listen to the lies she speaks!! Am really wrong in severing ties with her??? I mean when do you decide to wrap up the friendship and call it quits??????
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• Philippines
24 Jul 11
Things really can turn bitter when it comes to friendships. I guess you can call it quits when things start to turn bad between you two. You'll know it when you start cursing your friend.
• Pakistan
24 Jul 11
Yes its better to do just that rather than being at each others throats every minute of every hour! God forbid if i ever curse my friend!! That is one thing i definitely wanna avoid at all costs!!! Its just that i really liked her and i was just wondering how many lies can a person take before calling it off you know like in having scale to measure them along it and see if they have reached the threshold an all!!!
• Philippines
27 Jul 11
You don't really need to wait until you reach your limit. If things go bad then that's the time you call it quits. I'm not saying you should cave in or anything. It's just that your bestfriend can also be your worst enemy, unless what you've always said to that friend are lies. She knows you and will always know you so you should just let the relationship phase out while it's still not that bitter.
• Pakistan
28 Jul 11
Thanks for that! I always wondered when i should call it quits! Your right now that consider she knows everything about me! It is a scary thought though!! I guess i shouldn't be to trusting!
@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
22 Jul 11
I don't like those who lie either, so I wouldn't blame you for closing the friendship, either that or to just not see her as much and not be trusting with her on some things. I like those who can be honest with me on things that matter, and so I usually keep friends that I can trust to be honest when need be. I don't expect people to be an open book, but just be too closed of one that I can't trust you. I have a cousin who is a liar, so much so I don't know that she even knows the truth anymore. For this reason I don't really like her, but there are other qualities like how she feels she knows everything that annoys me as well. How long have you know this friend? It may be that you've known her for a long time and so it's hard to just sever ties, but it may be healthy for you both in the long run.
• Pakistan
23 Jul 11
A long time actually so completely severing ties is difficult!! I just feel sad that we had to part like this!! The lies actually quite innocuous but just the fact that she had told them hurt!! I guess i shouldn't accept the faults and all but in close friendship one does expect trust to say the truth!!!