Dr. Phil -- Father Molesting Daughter? I'm not so sure.

United States
July 22, 2011 4:09pm CST
So I don't usually watch Dr. Phil, in fact this will be the 2nd time I actually sat down and watched a full episode (the 1st was an animal abuse episode). But while I was flipping through the channel, this case intrigued me. The case is of a grandmother accusing her son-in-law of molesting his 4-5 year old daughter. And after seeing the episode I have to go on the fathers side this time. I think there is SO much evidence supporting his innocence. One big piece of evidence for me is this little girl was taken in by her family to get full rape kits done on her, both of which showed evidence of nothing. Another thing that makes me skeptical is the grandmother herself was a victim of molestation when she was 5 years old. And this could really have an impact on her charges. First, she charged ANOTHER man for molesting her granddaughter, which is the first time that little girl had to go through a rape test. The man was found innocent, so this woman moved on to her son-in-law (who she has always hated). The little girl had to go through her 2nd rape test after the new allegation, which also turned up nothing. Another thing that REALLY makes me believe in the fathers innocence is that the grandmother said the little girl told her that her daddy wears a blue mask when he molests her...but guess what...the blue mask is at GRANDMA's house, and daddy is not welcome there. And something else that makes me question the grandmother is her attitude towards her son-in-law. Dr. Phil asked grams, "if the lie detector shows us that the father is not guilty for this accusation, will you apologize to him and leave him alone?" And the woman just said, "no." If I accused someone of something as horrific as this, and it turns out they were innocent, I would apologize until I was blue in the face, and I wouldn't expect them to accept it, which I would understand. What do you guys think? Based off what I gave you do you think this guy is innocent? The show left off with Dr. Phil telling us the dad has agreed to a polygraph test, but we won't see the results until Monday!