Being a good parent or a good children?

July 23, 2011 8:53am CST
There are instances that we try to ask ourselves if are we a good parent or a good children. Try to check yourself if how you will become a good children to your parent or a good parent to your children.
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• Netherlands
24 Jul 11
you can not expect your child to be 'a good child'. He would not know what it is. A child is a child there are no good or bad children. There are however good or bad parents. Who failed raising their kids in a proper manner which would result in a 'bad child'. So a bad child does not exist it is a good child who was brought up by a bad parent. A parent learns a child values and learns it to behave, some children need more guidance then others. Every child is good to start with it just depends on its upbringing how it would turnout. Do your best as parent to teach your child to be a good person, to behave when needed and to help others. Do what you can as parent to achieve a good child. That is all there is to it.