does it have to do with the computer or the site?

@maxen07 (887)
July 23, 2011 5:17pm CST
I've been having some trouble with logging into one of those BUX sites that would say "MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS DETECTED:This computer, household or private network has already been assigned to 5 other accounts." Well, it's just one site and I only have one account in that site so how come that message would just pop out? There's a note above that says reboot computer or browser if something like that shows up but after a few reboots, it still won't go away. It's very frustrating:(
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@junrapmian (2170)
• Philippines
25 Jul 11
I do sometimes get those notice when I logged to a bux site. What I do is reboot my modem for at least half an hour and clear all cookies and it changes to another IP address. Since most of us are using dynamic IPs, we can't do anything about this unless you will subscribe to a static one which is more expensive.
@wazabe (154)
• Canada
23 Jul 11
The problem resides on your computer as well as the connection. The notice basically means that they detected different accounts using the same IP address. 2 Reasons as to why: 1. Internet Cafe: If you are using a accessing a bux site on cafes, then their is a big possibility that other people are accessing the Bux site on that cafe. 2. Relatives: If you are using a personal computer at home, then a relative of yours might have accessed the same bux site. I don't suggest using Internet Cafes for accessing BUX site because they might Ban you later on,