Movies you'll never get bored of watching..

July 24, 2011 1:30am CST
I find that I never get bored of watching no matter how many times I watch them. One of these is Napoleon Dynamite, which some people find to be pretty weird as the movie has almost no great aspect about it compared to others. Whereas I get very bored watching some blockbuster hit such as Tranformers. I didn't many people had this kind of thing towards certain movies, but I came to know my cousine (and my best friend) likes the movie Undisputed-3. I found the movie to be pretty adrenaline pumping and ultra exciting at first but watching it over and over again (almost every other week) got to look very boring to me, unlike my cousine :/ So I was wondering about what the people here have to say about this. What's your special movie, that no matter how many times you watch it you still love it? Happy myLotting everyone :D
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• Bulgaria
24 Jul 11
We have a Bulgarian movie,called Leshper Commerce,it's one of the greatest movies,if not the greatest I've ever seen.It's full of stuff you can relate to as a young man.It looks simple,but It's actually real deep. Other movies like that-Requiem for a dream,I think it doesn't need any explanation. The pink panther is also a good movie Also the Friday series-Three great black comedies,Just wish Chris Tucker and Mike Epps were in the movie,at the same time,they're two of my favorites :)
• Jordan
24 Jul 11
I don't I've heard of that movie. Seems good though. Is it available in English dub? What's the general idea of the movie? Where do you think I can buy it online?
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• Philippines
25 Jul 11
I have lots of movies I watched over and over. But if you'll going to ask me whats my top 3 movies I want to watch all over 1st. 300 2nd. gladiator 3rd. kill bill