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July 24, 2011 8:53am CST
I've just watched a chinese programe about emotions between family or lovers. Here I would retell the story. After graduation from college, the son did not have a job. When asked why he did not go to find a job. He said he graduated from a college and not from a middle school, so he should have a job he liked, besides, it is too hot to find a job now , and he will go out to find a job when it is cool. He has been married and her wife does not have a job either. The two just stay at home and are raised by the son's father. The old fater does all the housework, including washing his daughter-in-law's bra. When asked wether she was embarrassed, she said no, and before her marriage all her clothes were washed by her mother. The family is on the TV program, because of money. The house they live now is left by the grandfater, but now it will be removed by the government by giving them a sum of money. The son and his wife said they wanted the money back from his father, because they thought the money belongs to them. They also said that they need the money so much because they do no have a job. They need the money to buy their bread. The father said the money has not yet been given to him. So the son asked his father to write a IOU (i own you) note. Besides, before this program, they also signed a bill. The content of the bill is that all the fees caused by the proganance of the daughter-in-law and the futuer baby will be cha charged by the father. Why the father agreed with that and signed it. He said if he had not signed the bill the daughter in law would not marry his son. How dare the son do such things to his father? The son said loudly,because it is his father brought him to this world and he should be responsible for him forever. I just cannot believe there are such things calling themselves people living in this world. Can the son and his wife be called nomal human beings? Yes, it is our parents who bring us to this world. So we should thank them. They love us but we should never take that great love for granted. What do you think?
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@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
24 Jul 11
That son needs a quick swift kick to the butt! How dare he treat his father like that, making him a slave to him, and making him give all his assets to the son, that is just not right. He needs a wake up call and very fast. I think the father needs to be reimbursed money that he's spent on the family etc.
• China
24 Jul 11
you are right. But the father said he cannot do that.