PTC Fatigue

@Beaufly (994)
United States
July 24, 2011 12:45pm CST
Is it just me or are there others who have given (or just about given) up on PTC sites? For me, it was the downfall of Onbux and the non-communication. Then, I was involved with Clix-Sense and Clix-Sense lite. I had invested a few bucks but just decided to cut my losses too much time expenditure for too little profit. I got paid from Get Bux Today (GBT) and looked at the fees (from payment to AlertPay) and also thought this is just a waste of time because I am not all over the web promoting these.....there's just not much confidence left (in these sites for me to happily promote them). If you love PTC's and are making a killing, chasing refs, trying to keep them active and clicking yourself, then more power to you, I am leaving them be and I suggest anyone who is involved with them to stick with the Auroras as they are more stable and safer. What do you think?
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