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United States
July 24, 2011 6:57pm CST
I for one take relationships very seriously. I do not believe that you must be married to be monogomous and faithful. You just have to have respect for yourself. I also believe that either in a relationship, on a job or even out there in everyday life you must treat people the way you would like to be treated. If everyone would abide by this rule things would be much much better for example, when men disrespect there woman or physically abuse them they need to sit back and think about whether or not they would like there daughter to be treated that way and chances are that they wont so I say, why treat other people's daughters that way if you would not want that treatment for yours. People need to put themself in other people's shoes and then go from there. People need to first respect themself if they expect others to respect them and that means being in a monogomous relationship unless of course it is something that you and your significant other discussed in which case it is up to the both of you. I say whatever works for you. For example, I have been approached before and when I told the individual that I had a boyfriend his reply to me was that I was not married and that he did not see a ring on my finger. He also told me that what he doesnt know wont hurt so I said that I will know to me that was very disrespectful for him to say. Most people believe that if you havent taken the vows then things are not as serious but I say once you agree to be in a monogomous relationship either you have taken the vows or not it must be respected and treated as important as if you were married.
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