September 3, 2006 1:24am CST
Rohit (Hrithik Roshan) and Nisha (Preity Zinta) are married and they have a child, Krishna. Rohit dies in a lab accident in Singapore and Nisha also dies shortly after childbirth at the news of her husband's apparent death. The child Krishna starts growing up under the care of his grandmother (Rekha). As he is growing up, he discovers that he has inherited the superpowers that were transferred to his father by the alien Jadoo in the prequel Koi... Mil Gaya, The movie shows how Krishna (Hrithik Roshan) deals with his powers and saves the world from a megalomaniac scientist, Dr. Arya (Naseeruddin Shah). As the head of a large information company based in Singapore, Dr. Arya had hired Rohit to build an advanced computer that could see the future, telling Rohit that it will be used to avoid disasters and improve mankind. The brilliant Rohit takes just two years to invent the future computer. When he discovers with its help that Dr. Arya will betray him, Rohit destroys the computer. Dr. Arya, however, is able to rebuild the computer but only after two decades. We discover in the beginning of the film that as a young child, Krishna is extremely intelligent and gifted, for example, able to draw beautiful portraits of his mother. He is brought before a committee which realizes his gifts, but his grandmother fears that the greedy world may exploit him as it did his father, and so the two move far away into a remote village near some mountains. Krrish spends his childhood there, playing with other children and racing with animals. However, he soons grows frustrated at all those his age moving away to the city to greater and grander things and becomes upset at his grandmother for making him stay in the village. Krishna meets his love interest Priya (Priyanka Chopra) when she visits India from Singapore as a tourist with her best friend and others. After witnessing his superhuman abilities on the trip, she convinces him to travel to Singapore to showcase his abilities to the world. At first, she only wishes to use him for her career as as a publicist, as her and her friend's jobs are in jeopardy from their mean-spirited boss. She later grows feelings for him after witnessing his courage and selflessness after he rescues many children in a circus tent fire and is beaten by thugs while hiding his powers. The hero Krrish as we know him is born during the circus fire when he finds a mask on the ground and remembers his grandmother's instructions to never reveal his identity. He promptly rushes in to save several children who were not able to make it out of the blaze. He quickly creates a media sensation in the city, with children wearing costumes of him and people speculating as to his real identity. He befriends a local Singaporean man soon after helping him to complete a street corner martial arts demonstration to raise money for his wheelchair-bound sister. Krishna gives him his infamous mask so that his friend can gain fame and fortune, but unfortunately near the end of the film, he is shot dead by Dr. Arya who believes him to be Krrish. Later in the film, we discover that Rohit is still alive and in suspended animation after 20 long years. The evil Dr. Arya, his former colleague, is aware that the computer can only have been activated by Rohit's heartbeat and eye scan. After having the machine completed, he plans on killing Rohit when Krrish suddenly bursts into the compound after disposing of some ninjas outside. Krrish and Priya manage to rescue Rohit in a dramatic battle where Dr. Arya is fatally impaled to death. The three return to Krishna's village in India where Rohit's mother is overjoyed at seeing her son alive again.
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@aquarian83 (1944)
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11 Oct 06
hey this is good movie story is posted here so no need for movie
@debjit (339)
• India
3 Sep 06
hmm...nice story.Hrithik looks fab. in this movie.Be it Krishna or the super boy Krrish Hrithik is at his best.Lotz of eye-catchy action sequences and stunts,some koool martial arts,funs,imotional melodramas and superb acting by our own Hrithik makes the movie a worth watching