thus, promises are really just made to be broken.

July 25, 2011 3:49am CST
hello fellow mylotters, being a ordinary human, whenever i received a promise, i do always expect that to happen. though as they say, promises are just made to be broken. however, though there was a saying like this, i still believe in promises. for this reason, there are times, if the person who did promise something to me was not able to make and accomplish it, i somehow feel disappointed. just like what my friend promise me. he told me that he will call me and update me on what is going on with him. and since, we have not talk to each other for long, so i also missed his company. and because of this, i expected his call. apparently, i did not received any call at all. my day was wasted waiting for his call. i was a bit upset for what he did. perhaps, i should start believing in the saying, promises are just made to be broken. and maybe, i should say to that friend of mine, not to make any promise at all if he cannot do it. just dont let me impressed then neglect what he have said. thus, for me it is better to do it than to make an empty promise at all. no need to impressed me with the promise that is empty at the end.
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• Philippines
25 Jul 11
As far as I know, this is a pessimist's saying. This goes with other sayings such as "Rules are made to be broken" and others I can't remember. If you continue to think this way you'll start seeing things this way too.
@tod266 (85)
• Thailand
25 Jul 11
some people like to say " i promise " but sure that make me expect and finally they cannot do that.. i try to tell the people don't tell that promise to me... and i never use that word to other too .. the people who speak out always forgot but the one who listen always keep in mine.. so don't promise is better..
@tkonlinevn (5784)
• Vietnam
25 Jul 11
Sometimes, promises was done at a habit. So, they was broken. As me, you was disappointed because you too hope on it. If he didn't call you, why you didn't take a call to him to ask why he broke his promise?