True love: do you believe in destiny?

@resutaa (144)
July 25, 2011 4:38am CST
True Love is indeed great. It is shown by God, your family, friends and even by yourself but one love really spice up our lives and it is the love of your partner or love by special person. It is said to be the hardest love because of the elements that you have to understand, sacrifice and learn in order for it to work and last. It is really good to remember when we got our first love, although might be disaster by others but its the very first so we can't deny that its really unexplainable, exciting and inspirational. During this stages we tend to understand the process of it and became a part of our learnings which is reflected in memories. Some even find their true love at first time which is indeed lucky to describe. It is really astonishing how love strike us even by just a single turn we dont know that the person whom we passed by was our true love. Some uses different mediums like card reading, potions, love spell to seduce the person that they want to love them while others depends on the destiny. For me, its not the cards, spells nor destiny will give you true love or to find your partner in life because I believe we are making our own destiny so its still your decision wether you want it or not. As long as you believe in your self everything is possible
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@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
7 Aug 11
Hi there, I believe in destiny, but not absolute. I mean all the things in my life the way it is already determined by destiny. But I can change all with all my abilities. That probably makes little sense, because if we're talking destiny in front of an atheist, then they would laugh. But for me this is not a joke. I have a religious life, and my religion teaches about destiny. God bless u
@Jamie911 (104)
• Philippines
26 Jul 11
maybe but for there is no one future maybe we have a destiny but there is so many every time is a choice what path to take and then time will come we will reach those destinations.
@thatgirl13 (7307)
• South Korea
25 Jul 11
I do believe in true love and I do believe two people are destined to meet. So just like that I am waiting for the right person too I know someone is out there for me so I am patiently waiting for him
@koperty3 (1877)
25 Jul 11
I believe in destiny but I don't believe in romantic love as life is not romantic at all. My partner and me we met in weird circumstances as I applied for a job in different city but did not receive it. And my partner started live in the area just by accident. So as we met is destiny for sure.