Car or House

July 25, 2011 10:05am CST
Hi! I was discussing with my wife if we should pursue buying a car first before getting our own place. We are still living with my inlaws and we have decided to take our small family on our own. However, though completely convinced of getting our own place, I have considered discussing about getting a car first since we would be needing it in bringing our kids in school and will be our transport service. What say you?
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@18saurab (89)
• India
25 Jul 11
I think house will be more effective then buying a car.
• Philippines
26 Jul 11
Thanks. We're talking tonight about this matter.
@xuyxuy (435)
• Philippines
4 Aug 11
I suggest you get an affordable car first. You and your family can be benefited by the car as transportation for you and your kids. At the same time, you can now spend time in going around to look for your own place. Once stable with your new car, then you can start applying for a new house or if you want to rent a house for a while, you can use your car in searching for a place that is accessible to both your work place and the school of your kids.
• Philippines
31 Jul 11
I would say buy an affordable car first. With car: you can transport your children to school, do private errands with your family -quality time to spend with- and scout for an inexpensive house. Once you have a car, you can also go to & pro to complete any papers needing for the house application (without so much hassle as to go by cab or any public transportation thus maximizing your time & effort). And since you are currently living with your in-laws the expenses would be for your gasoline & monthly payment of the car plus a little bit contribution to the house.
• Bangladesh
25 Jul 11
Yap, I do agree with you.You should buy car first.Its very urgent for todays life and later you can buy a house.Try to save your money and live in rented house,when you will get handsome money then you can go for buying a big or comfortable house for your family and listen to your wife regarding taking any decision
• Saudi Arabia
25 Jul 11
I have a perfect solution for you , get a house and try to have some leftover and get a cheap used car . u get them both at the same time so its a good idea . another idea (please dont take it as offence) buy a carhouse u know the cars with a house inside of it ! that will be nice . hope i helped.