Christians vs. The World

@wg2010 (38)
United States
July 25, 2011 9:34pm CST
I am a Christian by definition. On one hand, I have a lot of family and friends who are also Christian. On the other hand, I have many family and friends who do not celebrate religion of any kind, but I'm very close to them just the same. My dilemma is that I'm caught in the middle of a big struggle between the highly devoted Christians I'm acquainted with being opposed to the non-religious family and friends. The Christians are very harsh in their criticisms of those who are not like them. I have one relative in particular who is much more outspoken than the rest, and is very aggressive with his opinions towards those who are not of any religion. He feels strongly against things that are not of God. I wish to know of those of you who are Christian, are you for or against things that are "of the world" and not "of God"? When you express your religious views, do you express them without regard for the opinions of those not like you? I guess my biggest question is, can there be such a thing as a bad Christian?
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@pacrptc (231)
• United States
26 Jul 11
in my opinion yes and no... just because you claim to be a great christian doesn't mean you are... I am a christian and so is my husband and step-father... christians are supposed to show love in all their actions and words... key word "love"... my step-father is the best christian I know.. yet he takes in teens who need a place to sleep and some food for a little while... he talked with people of all religions and types... he preaches the good word but he spreads soo much love to everyone he meets... this is the way all christians should be in my opinion... hope this helps :)
@wazabe (154)
• Canada
26 Jul 11
No offense, but if a Christian is being high and mighty about his/her religion, doesn't that make them a hypocrite. I'm an Agnostic, and although I have many doubts about the Christian religion, I still consider the belief of my colleagues before I start saying something. Questioning someone's belief is not really for anyone to do, it should be done by the person himself/herself.