Do you follow the Market closely?

July 26, 2011 10:04am CST
Hi Lotters, How many of you keep a track of the changes in the Market?. I mean the SENSEX, do you guys keep a track of it and watch out closely? I have started working on the trading part and have invested a very little amount in the market and track it. the market was on a positive side over the last 3-4 days till yesterday. The market today has also begun on a positive note, however there was a steep fall at the end of the day. It was due to the increase in the repo rates and the reverse repo rates. The RBI has increased its repo rates by 0.5 and now stands at 8, it was 7.5 earlier and it is considered as the major impact on today's trading. Over the last four days, market has gained closed to 400 points, unfortunately, when the message was declared by the RBI governor, Duvvuri Subbarao the downfall has begun. It is also considered as the better options to invest your money and gain in long terms. However, it is risky and be careful if you are really willing to open a new account and watch and keep a track of all the shares which you would like to purchase and seek advises from the people who are into this. Happy Money making!
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• India
26 Jul 11
hi, i'm also into sharemarket for the past 5 years. whatever i earn online, i invest in sharemarket. sometimes i met with losses, but didnt give up. now, i'm making a good profit out of my shares. yes, i'm not a trader but an investor. i use to hold the stocks for 3 months and buy different shares i.e, once every quarter results get announced, i sell and buy another. nowadays, i buy only stocks of debt free companies, these r the safe havens to invest. some of these companies r ttk prestige,bata india, elgi equipments,exide ind, prakash ind(trying to come out of debt), voltas,infosys and the list goes on. these r the companies, where foreign investments r good. hope, u too can try some of these companies for long term investment. happy investing!