What is your favorite food and do you cook it?

July 26, 2011 10:20am CST
Hi Lotters, Food...I am sure no body living on the planet will have hatred towards it. Of course, they might be a very few people who hate it, they just have food because they should be alive. I definitely do not belong to that lot, I have various cuisines, of course only vegetarian. However, after the introductions of the KFCs, McDonalds in Indian circuits my approach towards my food has also changed. The junk food might not be healthy and nutritious than the traditional dishes we prepare in our home, still I had to be behind the KFCs, Mc Donalds because I stay in a hostel where there is no room for preparing the food. So, mostly I rely on these junk joints. Having known the fact that it will affect me in the long run, I have only taken a decision that any kind of food you take till the age of 30 years, it is acceptable. Once, you cross the barrier you need to really concentrate on your health and a proper diet has to be maintained. Me being a vegetarian, I like Veg Biryani the most. Recently I have prepared Biryani in my friends room and it turned out to be very tasty, really guys it is true. I have worked on the way how it is prepared by visiting the super markets and see the preparation. My friends have enjoyed the food like I did. So lotters, enjoy your life as much as you can till you turn 30. Later, you need to concentrate on your health and it is better to put a full stop to all the junk food and only have the home food.
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@annavi23 (6302)
• Philippines
26 Jul 11
yes, i love sinigang from the philippines and i have cooked it myself. though i still find my mother's cooking when it comes to all kinds of viand. she's really good at it. i love those soupy viands cause it makes me want to enjoy eating more. that's why i gained and i love gaining weight cause i really am a thin person back those days. hmmm...from what country are you from?
• France
26 Jul 11
I am from Hyderabad, India. I am glad that you have put on the weight by having lots of food. Be careful and maintain a proper health as it is factor on how long we live. Happy fooding!
• India
13 Aug 11
Hi friend, I also like to eat junk food,but I control my habit,and eat home-made food like ( indian food).i am vegetarian ,so I like all type of Punjabi,marwadi food so much.and some time I like to prepare pulaw of every type.
@cher913 (25893)
• Canada
26 Jul 11
pasta! i could eat it all the time. my next favourite are homemade fluffy pancakes. i also love homemade frenchfries. we dont eat out much so we like to make stuff special at home.