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United States
July 26, 2011 3:59pm CST
Believe it or not,well in my case it is true.If you lead your life in a systematic way and follow certain diciplines and morality you can get eventually a pleasant life. In the case of finding your sole-mate in my case it is the same process.Well the formula is very simple.If you spend your student life in dedication and consentrate in your studies you will have a bright future.When you receive an excellent career you will be regarded as a established man.Then you have to look for your sole mate. If you believe in God,or in natural power you will realise as time passes that The Almighty has measured every thing as well as human beings.If you do some good work,you will receive a good result.All that is needed is the exaact timing of things.So you have to move on until your goal is achieved.What are your views?
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@Shankerj (241)
• India
27 Jul 11
Correct, Keep working and you will get your dues in full when its time comes. Good work results in a good and pleasant output. If the output is not as per one's expectation he should not worry about it because ultimately it is for the good only.