I'm afraid of riding elevators.

@jonahh08 (261)
July 26, 2011 4:24pm CST
I was trapped inside a closet while playing hide-and-seek when I was 7, and since then I became a claustrophobic. I do ride elevators when I have to, but my heart pounds like crazy and I immediately feel myself gasping for air. Is there something that I can do besides undergoing a therapy?
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@jdex_143 (1094)
• Philippines
27 Jul 11
Hmmmm.. This is too bad for you. Well, I'm afraid to ride an elevator too especially when it's going down. I don't usually take the elevator if I'm all alone. I used to take a ride in there with someone. What I would do is to take a look at the elevator first. If it's kinda old in my eyes, I would rather take the stairs. I think, in order for you to overcome your fear, you should face it. Why not try to ride an elevator more often? But of course, the new ones and the well maintained one. Hehehe.. I believe that you'll get used to it and not feel afraid anymore. :)
@jonahh08 (261)
• Philippines
28 Jul 11
Thanks Jdex. I'll try hat next time. Cheers!
@jazzyrae (1747)
• United States
27 Jul 11
Im afraid of elevators to. what i do when i get in one is i close my eyes and just start counting. Just count till it's done
@celticeagle (119128)
• Boise, Idaho
26 Jul 11
It sounds like what you are experiencing is a panic attack. I think if you can be aware of your breathing and try to concentrate on something else besides the ride it might make it easier for you. If you are able to be plan ahead and check yourself as you get on it may help. Check breathing and try to keep it calm.