If I Never Hear That Song Again...

United States
July 26, 2011 5:46pm CST
It will be too soon!!! I watched a movie last night that starred Rosalind Russell called "Mourning Becomes Electra". Now, where the title came from I have no idea. There was no one in the movie named Electra and what little mourning I saw was more like sadistic head games. The whole movie was tedious at best, full of idiotic monologues and rantings. But as if the lines weren't irritating enough, they kept "Shenandoah" going in the background through the entire film! I used to actually like the song! But after hearing it 100 times throughout the length of a 2 and a half hour movie, I don't care if I never hear the song again! The only other actor in the film that I recognized was Kirk Douglas...a very young Kirk Douglas. Proof positive that great actors don't always have great roles or great films. Nor are they great actors in all films they are in. This film was full of melodramatic scenes, vindictiveness with little or no motivation, and absolutely devoid of virtue. Not recommended by any stretch of the imagination. I felt like I wasted 2 and a half hours of my life.
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