Although We Are Not The Same, Not Mean We Have Hostile ..

@advokatku (4037)
July 27, 2011 12:21am CST
There are interesting things growing in some the campus environment in Jakarta in recent years namely Muslim students study at Christian campuses. Actually, the decision to choose a college after completing high school education certainly is not a decision taken at random. Parents, of course also has a big share in determining the choice of their child. Parents want their children to be a great person, well-established and successful later in life. For it, for some parents, selection the university for their childs is not merely about accreditation, but also the prestige and the environment of campuses. There are parents who struggling keep their children to enter public universities with reasoning have an unusually high prestige in their society. There are parents entering their childs to an Islamic college with reasoning their children have deep thoughts about Islam. However, there is also put their children to Christian colleges because the quality of education offered has a positive image in their community despite that their child is a Muslim. This is a fact that happens, it turns out - today, the stereotype of Christian Campus just filled Christian community began to change. At first the existence of Christian campuses have the impression "different" as a minority community which contains only the Christian community alone. But now, those Chistian campuses have started to be filled by Muslim students, even there some who wear veils. The presence of Muslim students on Chistian campus certainly a concern of interest. Guys, what you think about this ? Can you assess how exactly the values ??of tolerance are upheld by the citizens of the campus itself? Do you think there any conflicts that allow it to grow into a negative issue about the difference in this belief?
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@Kalyni2011 (3503)
• India
27 Jul 11
Friend, i just fail to understand why people fight in the name of religion? In india too the recent bomb blasts was said to be due to this, well i think some nasty politicians are behind the scenery, i think similar things do exist there too.. Happy posting, cheers. Kalyani