estreme jealousy

July 27, 2011 4:46am CST
how would you react if your partner was extremly jealous? let's say for example he forbid you to go out or to do something that you like, he constantly asked you where you are and what you are doing, he wanted you to inform him before you go out
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@Woody7189 (247)
• United States
27 Jul 11
I have actually been in a relationship with a girl who was extremely jealous. If I went to the mailbox she would ask who I was checking out. Every move I made she was following to find out what I was doing and when I told her, she never believed it. At first I let it slide, figuring that she would see that I was faithful and it would get better. It never did. It ended up destroying the relationship because I felt as though I was in a police interrogation. Trust is needed for a relationship to work.
• Romania
28 Jul 11
totally agree. thrust is one of the most important things in a relationship. I asked this question because i've been in the same kind of relationship and aldo at first I considered it a proof that he cares for me with time it started bothering me and this brought to many fights between us and in the end same as in your case destroyed the relationship
@koperty3 (1877)
28 Jul 11
I don't like extremely jealous partners. If you are in relationship so you should know that you love one is not your possession and your partner should have similar opinion. I noticed that many violence in relationship is caused by extreme jealousy. I can confess that I'm jealous when my partner talk with beautiful women but I don't show it to him but I'm sure he knows. Also he is jealousy when I talk to handsome men. Just a little bit jealousy can make your relationship more spicy because when you jealous it means that you still got attention of your partner and he still got yours.
@SIMPLYD (85041)
• Philippines
27 Jul 11
My husband was like that when we were still boyfriend and girlfriend. In our early part of marriage, he showed it too, and for that we always quarrel and i feel afraid of him when he do so. So, i showed him that i am not what he is thinking of me. Through the years, he realized i am a one man woman and have him as my only man. Hence, he seldom gets jealous anymore.