Do you think passive guys doesn't love you anymore?

July 27, 2011 4:48am CST
Yes, because being neglected means you are nothing to them. It means he doesn't love you anymore.He just let you do what you want, without even noticed by him. And based on my experience being taken for granted is such a big slap on my face. You may cry and burst out, but that's the only thing you can do. But God is really our comforter, being on his side is such a great experience that nobody could do.
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• Malaysia
27 Jul 11
Taking your partner for granted, in a relationship is like putting axe on your own feet. If anyone does so, trust me he/she is not worth loving for. Don't be low because better is yet to come. Cheer up and enjoy life.
28 Jul 11
Yes vishal it was such a frustrating one! But despite all of those, we must have to live our life to the fullest. Because those kind of person doesn't even know the word "CARE". :-))) And only God knows what really best for us!
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@nurseclare (2210)
• Philippines
28 Jul 11
I know what's behind that beautiful smile. I think he has hydrocephalus and you know why. I hope someday you can do better that this. God loves you and I hope he will rethink what he did to you. You're in my prayers officemate! hahaha