salted chilli success

chilli pepper - little red chilli pepper
July 27, 2011 9:27am CST
i went home from work last night and decided i didn't want a huge dinner. the weather is very warm here and it doesnt lend itself to making big starcthy dinners with pasta and potato's etc.. and i didn't fancy going to all the effort of cooking a bbq.. so i was pretty stumped and didn't know what to make. i love hot food, and i love chilli's, so ihad thought to myself that i'd go into the fruit and veg shop on the way home and buy a couple of chilli's and i'm sure i'd think of something. when i got home i saw that there was 2 chicken breasts in thre freezer that needed eaten that day.. so i thought what would i love to eat right now if i could eat anything, and it was a pointless question because the answer is always chinese salted chilli chicken and noodles lol! .. so i thought i'm going to try and make my own!! i took the chicken breasts and cut them into thin strips, and left them to sit. i then got a large bowl and added corn flour to the bowl, along with two table spoons of regular salt. i then added the rest of my ingredients: cayenne pepper, chilli powder paprika, garlic salt crushed garlic chilli flakes and a little lemon juce then i took the chicken and added it to the flour chilli garlic mixture and mixed it until it was well coated. i had my deep fat fryer on already and dropped the chicken into it. this was just to make the cornfloor go crispy on the outside, and to kinda cook the chicken, so i let it cook for about 30 seconds. i then transfered the crispy chicken into a wok, and added soy sauce, garlic oil, chilli flakes, some more salt, and some more lemon juice, and some raw onion, and chopped up chilli's and woked this altogether with some noodles i had boiled in a seperate pot. and can i just say.. i will never buy a take away again! delicious!
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