My "Favorite" Writing Blogger Enlightens the People About Demand Studios.

United States
July 27, 2011 5:07pm CST
I can't criticize how people choose to write because they don't pay my bills. However, Miss "Don't Get An Attitude because I Don't Pay Subcontractors on Time" now talks about surviving Demand Studios. After that last rant, I'm surprised she's still at Though many have had an unusual experience as well as the fact that they are making money several times over for articles they paid a writer $15 for. Her "news" is not new nor enlightening but just the norm, which is in order to be successful you cannot be exclusive to one content mill (AC,Bukisa, DS, etc.)nor your blog (unless you have sponsors that pay upfront) but a combination of many things. I'm not here to slam DS but I know of many besides myself who have had better luck elsewhere.
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