Facebook Promo Winner - $2,000,000.00

July 27, 2011 8:11pm CST
Have you received an email from Facebook that you won $2,000,000.00? I know that this is a scam, but what is your take on this? Why is Facebook doing this? Useful link: http://socyberty.com/crime/i-am-a-facebook-promo-winner-worth-2000000-00/
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• Australia
28 Jul 11
You should have checked the email id from which you received the email it will not be a @facebook.com email id it will be some thing else facebook.net facebookprize.com. The messages which facebook sends are only from @facebook.com, and it might be some apps sending you the email which you have joined.
@rog0322 (2834)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
28 Jul 11
hi rgreen, Maybe they have lots of 2M Dollars to give away for I received one too. I usually don't fall for such harebrained scheme for, in the first place, I don't have any money to pay in order to get what they promise. After all, why do I have to pay something for an amount that is due me? What about getting the 1M and giving me the other million, it would still be a lot of money. It defies logic actually.
@kavya06 (373)
• India
28 Jul 11
I don't think its from the facebook,they will not send a scam like this.i got an email more than a month ago,i did'nt even open that mail,i know its a real scam,maybe others are using facebook to do their scamimg a sucess..
• Japan
28 Jul 11
The cake is a lie. Well, let's put it this way: this is a fraud, it's spam. Facebook doesn't do anything like that. They won't hand you over $2,000,000.00 just for sitting there and posting stuff. Facebook wouldn't give you money. That's my conclusion.