Age and falling in love

@leasmom (102)
July 27, 2011 8:51pm CST
Assuming that one isn't in a relationship, would you think that falling in love is not as easy anymore the older you get? And I don't mean having less success because you are older. I mean falling in love for the person who does fall in love. Is it more diffucult to fall in love if you are older?
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@pacrptc (231)
• United States
28 Jul 11
i wouldn't believe so... love is a powerful, wonderful, and magical thing... i don't think it would matter what age anyone is because love overcomes everything just about... love is forever... i hope this answer helps
@Javelin (100)
• Philippines
28 Jul 11
I guess it is, maybe because you have more responsibilities and more priorities when your are older as compared for the young ones who can think for their crushes all day long=).For the physical side,maybe because older ones are not as good looking as before so they are hesitant to deal with those good looking people:D. Age factor, as a person age so does his chance to enter a good relationship. Since the other person on his age might be married by now,it's harder to find for those who will suite for him