at-home call center job

@pbbbsra (1214)
July 28, 2011 4:31am CST
I tried before with CCI (Call Center International) an at home call center job. We do marketing by calling people from the US and let them subscribe to a certain Telecom. Whenever we have someone subscribe we get 25$ for each person and there is also a referal system, if we refer a friend and make that friend an agent too, I have a percentage of his earnings and when he refer someone, i also get a percent from the earnings of that person. CCI still exist now but they did some changes with their rules. Noww Agents work on a quota and the company is the one who tell you how many hours you have to work. When I did my job there, I have the freedom to stay as long as I want and leave when I want to. Its a good part time job. The money is fast too. Its a little frustrating at first when you get bad words from people. But if you stay positive its a good part time job. Has anybody here tried an at home call center job? Im thinking to go back... but still havent decided.
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@JosephP (1118)
• Jamaica
8 Sep 11
Well I have never tried this before. In fact I am just hearing about it from you and based on what I just read it definitely sounds like a pretty good opportunity. I would try it out because it sounds very beneficial.
@Porcospino (19782)
• Denmark
30 Jul 11
I haven't worked at a call center, but I have had a job where I walked from door to door in order to sell magazines from the Danish lung association. I have had a few bad experiences where people have yelled at me, but most of the people I have met have been pretty friendly. I can imagine that you also have to deal with angry people when you work in a call center, but if you can live with that and live with the bad experiences I think that a callcenter job could be a good way to make some extra money. My husband applied at a callcenter some time ago. They weren't looking for new people at that time, and he didn't get a part time job there, but he is still interested.
@CTHanum (8254)
• Malaysia
28 Jul 11
If you think that it is good then you should grab the chance and have the jon. I have never been in that job before so I don't know how to say it. But for me since you already have an experience on it it is better for you to get back for a second time.I am sure you can do much better with it.(^^)
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
28 Jul 11
tI idid back in the 90s when we had that recession. Talk about bad timing. We were supposed to give our name or id so that when the person ordered a window, or the furnace, we would get the credit. It was mostly local, in the city, but then things started to go back and because people were not ordering new windows, I had a credit card and took five years to get it straightened out. The trouble is that your eyes will get tired looking at the telephone book and going over the list and when there is a recession as it is in a lot of places you may not get customers. If you get paid automatically or for time, then it is a good idea, but if you only get paid by commission, only good when there are people to buy the product.
• Philippines
28 Jul 11
That is good to hear but I guess I cannot do such if I am just calling customers and bug them to get a subscription, most of them will be irritated and some would just say they will go straight to the office themselves if they wanted to. I would rather like to work for a CC that caters customer services rather than selling items on the phone. I have done such a job before like selling insurance and it really pisses a lot of people so I had a hard time on that stressful work and never will I do that again.