have you ever?

July 28, 2011 6:01am CST
HI, Have you ever accidentally introduced yourself by your internet screen name in real life?..
5 responses
@keihimekawa (2010)
• Philippines
5 Aug 11
LOL not really. My screen name is totally different from my real name so I don't think this is possible for my case :D
@rona07 (1663)
• Philippines
30 Jul 11
hi, what do you mean? did you mean that i happen to introduce myself using my screen name? that doesn't happen to me yet. I am not online much so i won't confuse my name by my screen name.
@jiyeon21 (102)
• Philippines
28 Jul 11
what do you mean? if do you mean username will i guess i have that and i guess i already knew my screen name. but if ever that my scree name is really in real life had that name written officially and he/she was born with that name even how unique and different that name is will i just i love to meet them, LOL....
@bluespygirl (2112)
• Philippines
28 Jul 11
Internet screen name or username, I haven't introduced myself in another name in real life. That would be funny, hehe. I use two to three username. I'm an internet addict but that haven't happen to me yet. How about you? Had you introduced yourself under your username?
@umabharti (3976)
• India
28 Jul 11
Hi, What is Internet screen name.What and why is it different with real life or real name. Okay is it the user name which people make on sites of Internet .I think you were discussing about how would anyone feel when they introduce them selves with the username which they use in online to friends,is that possible,by mistake also no one would introduce with their secret name that is username.