what to do ? friend or wife?

July 28, 2011 12:31pm CST
I have a childhood friend in my life. We both studied together and we are together till today . I got married 2 years age. My wife dislikes my friend ( boy friend only), because I always keep talking about him. This gradually created strong battle between me and my wife. She wants me to cut my friendship with him. But my friend is a good and kind hearted person, and does not have any bad habits like me. At last I have decided to divorce my wife, for sake of my friend. I cant give up my friend at any cost. So do u think I have taken a right decision? Or u say it is wrong? What will you do if you are in my situation( if ur wife is not understandable)
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• China
11 Aug 11
In my opinion, the importance of wife is equal to parents, brothers and sisters if you really love your wife, but how can you give up your wife who will walk with you together to the end of the life just for your fiend? Yes, I know that friend is also important, but friend never can't compete with your lovely wife. Sorry that what you did is really unacceptable by me!!
• China
10 Aug 11
Er...If I were you...I will choose your wife. I think the person in your life with you is your partner,not your friend. Of course friend is very important,but if your partner and friend has conflict,I think you should support your wife. Do you have children? If don't,divorce maybe OK. If you already have children,I think divorce is not good way to choose.
@Jukona (23)
• Romania
28 Jul 11
in my opion choose the wife...friends are friends dude but you have to think that's your wife and you should love her...friends come and go but your wife is there and she supports you everytime everywhere anytime...cheers :)