Eggs: For Breakfast

@xuyxuy (435)
July 28, 2011 7:37pm CST
A lot of us eat egg during breakfast. As we all know, egg contains a lot of nutrients. It is a good source of protein, iron, vitamin A, folic acid, fats etc. that makes an individual stay healthy. Although some would prefer to avoid eating egg because they are allergic to it; especially the albumin part or the egg white which is rich in protein. On the other hand, some stop eating egg due to its high fat and cholesterol content. Well, as for me, I want to eat boiled eggs during breakfast. I only eat the egg white portion of the boiled egg and I discard the egg yolk which is the yellow portion. I always eat my boiled egg that way because aside from the fact that it is the portion rich in fats and cholesterol, I also don't like eating it and its seems that I can't swallow the yellow part of the boiled egg. So, how about you, how do you eat egg during breakfast? How do you like it to be cooked?
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@mariahhh (1328)
• United Arab Emirates
23 Nov 11
I love eggs in the morning. My American Breakfast will not be complete without egg on the side. i love cooking it scrambled or omelet. I don't believe on some news that eggs are high on cholesterol. Before, they said that it's high on cholesterol, but they took it back and said that it is actually good for our health. So I don't believe in news anymore. If I did, I won't be able to eat anything because they say every food have bad effects on our body.
• Philippines
6 Aug 11
I love eating eggs for breakfast! Either boiled or friend, I love it!!! I love eggs so much. I can eat it even if not for breakfast, even for lunch, or even for dinner. I can eat eggs all day. It's one of my favorite food.
@Shankerj (241)
• India
29 Jul 11
Egg gives us health benefits due the nutrients listed by you, I prefer boiled egg, sometimes I eat it directly, some times with salt and sometime with salt and spices, Occasionally I like fried egg and egg with spicy gravy
• Philippines
29 Jul 11
I wanted my egg fried for breakfast.I'm eating boiled eggs but I sliced it and add some sliced tomato on it.I'm not really eating eggs everyday because of it's high cholesterol content especially the yolk which is my favorite part.
@bluespygirl (2112)
• Philippines
29 Jul 11
Eggs is one of the foods that is always in our kitchen. It is cheap and there are many ways to cook it. It can also put in many dishes and it can be made as dessert too! We call it "lecheflan". I like my eggs boiled soft too. I like to eat it with bread
• Philippines
29 Jul 11
Hi xuyxury! Egg is part of my morning breakfast of my regular day if I work morning shift. I cook it self, sunny side up with half cooked yolk. I eat the whole thing, together with a slide of meat loaf, "tocino" , or fried fish and then with sliced tomatoes. Plus a hot dark coffee, wow that makes my morning kickin! With that breakfast, I will survive up to the end of my shift at 3pm.