nirvana to reissue 'nevermind' album to mark the 20th anniversary!!

United States
July 29, 2011 7:58am CST
Man, How Time Flies... Universal Records will be re-releasing the hit album NEVERMIND, For what would be the 20th anniversary of the original release. Its hard to think so much time has passed since. The Super Deluxe Edition of the Album is going to feature a full remaster of the original, Not to mention there will be numerous unreleased recordings, Alternate mixes, radio sessions, studio rarities plus live recordings. For some reason, They have decided to only release 10,000 Copies in North America and 30,0000 copies for the rest of the world so I can imagine they are gonna sell out super quick. Can You Guys and Gals imagine its already been 20 years. Personally I cant stand today`s music, There is no comparison to the true 90s music to the stuff we listen to on the radio today.... I mean how can you compare something like 'Teen Spirit or Heart Shaped Box to Lets Do the Dougie or that stupid Superman song. Its been a sad decade for music... :(
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• United States
10 Aug 11
LOL!!! I personally prefer the 90's more as well. However I still like the songs that are released now a days, I will admit some of them are a bit annoying, but for the most part they are okay, though nothing in comparision to the 90's, those were the best...
@polaris77 (2031)
• Bacau, Romania
29 Jul 11
It's an important anniversary and it's a good idea to reissue this album which was essential for the evolution of alternative rock in the 90s,and it's a shame that there aren't more copies,but I have to say that the 90s were also plenty on crappy music played on MTV all day long,just as it is today I guess,but great music was made then as it's s made now,and like twenty years ago,most of it isn't mainstream.You just have to dig a little in the underground and you will certainly discover great music made in the last decade and at present which simply isn't promoted by mainstream channels.
@thatgirl13 (7307)
• South Korea
29 Jul 11
Wow I didn't know this. I do love Nirvana though. Actually my ex boyfriend was a real huge fan of Nirvana and got me hooked too. Anyway I really would like to listen to those unreleased songs. I think they are truly talented music makers. But yeah I don't hate on the songs they make these days. I think some of them are really very nicely made. And yeah even in the 90s I think there were some crappy music produced too. There are goods and bads in everything in every time. And hey which which song is the Superman song?