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July 29, 2011 8:33am CST
i don't feel appreciated in work, hardly ever. now and again when i've done really good work on something i'll be praised, but generally i don't get praised, or thankyou's, or apologies if staff or clients take their moods out on me.. i just sort of blend into the background when it comes to work.. on a social level everyone adores me, i'm bubbly, chatty, loud and funny, and i'm teeny tiny lol and everyone is so much taller than me, and at 24, i'm 10 years younger than the youngest person here before i started lol! .. but today i did something really good, and i got a lot of praise for it. not only do i work on reception, i'm also the purchase ledger clerk, which means that everything and anything our company buys, we get an invoice for it, and i put it on the system and reconcile it against our statements etc.. and there is always invoices for the diesel used on our delivery vans, as our staff do not pay for fdiesel or petrol at the pump, they hand over their fuel card, well today i was putting on the fuel invoice, and everyone always laughs at me because i type so fast they just assume i'm paying no attention whatsoever to what i'm actually typing, because i read as quickly as i type so they just assuming i'm whizzing through it, only today on the fuel invoice, i noticed a rather large amount that made no sense, especially not in comparison to the amount above it. it couldn't have even been that someone had used a lot of diesel, because i don't know of any vechicle apart from the likes of a lorry possibly, that could store £166 pounds worth of diesel!! thats obscene!! and our vans are little sptrinter vans!! well it turned out, that what should have been £1.36 per litre, had actually been rang through the till by accident as £13.60 per litre, and thats where the mistake was. i brough it up to my area manager, who is also our company accountant who gave me lots of praise of figguring it out :) .. he then told my director as well, who also praised me.. not such a dumb blonde now eh ;) has anyone else been appreciated at work lately?
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