real friend ? or not?

@meriel (101)
July 29, 2011 10:14am CST
i have this friend whom I call friend but don't know if she treats me a friend too. in time she needed help i help her. she borrowed money and didn't bother to pay..and after that she wont bother to call or text you. she will be totally gone and she will communicate you if she needs you. at first its fine with me because i know she needed it and she can't able to pay it right away because she does not have money yet to pay she have a lot of obligations too. but the problem is that I lend her a money which she knew from the very start that she needs to pay it coz the money isn't mine. everytime i remind her about it she keep on telling me not to worry because she will pay it and wont forget that she borrowed from me. and that she regretted on borrowing money from me. which right now became her problem because she can't pay it right away. How can we say that the people we called friend are really our friend?. can we call friend the one who remembers you when they need you?
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@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
29 Jul 11
I would ask you, how long have you known this person in order to call her friend? For me, it takes a while after I meet a person, treat them, be in different situations, sometimes even personal situations and depending how I can relate to that person, how the "chemistry" works out, how the TRUST works out, then I would dare to introduce that person as my friend. A lot of things that I might not like will still be part of this person, but if I could manage that and still doesn't bother me (because I will have my own personality that maybe other people may not like) then I might have found a new friend.
@meriel (101)
• Philippines
31 Jul 11
he is my friend since highschool think we've been friends for 13 or 1 yrs. now.. she really made me sick. everytime i think of the money she lend from me. sometimes i'm asking myself if I made the wrong decisions.
@toniganzon (54004)
• Philippines
30 Jul 11
If you still consider her a friend, then that person is still is according to your own definition of friends. But for me a friend is someone who will never get me into trouble.
30 Jul 11
it's not really good if in friendship there's a money involve, well it's alright to help a friend, but in your case she knew that the money is not your's and you only borrowed it just to lend it to her,so she must have the shame to give it back to you when the lender asking for it already. hard to have a friend that's only there if she needed you, but gone missing when not.