The Human Eye Close Up

Detailed Shot Of The Human Eye - How interesting! A photographer took a macro shot of a human eye. You can see the structure very clearly, even if you just hold a flashlight to your eye and look in a mirror.
United States
July 29, 2011 7:30pm CST
Have you ever looked at your eye really closely in a mirror? If you use a flashlight to really get a good look, you can see that it is not as solid as it seems. There are hundreds of threads that make your eye contract and expand as it is exposed to the light. Some people say it is amazing, but for some reason it makes me want to gag. Bu tit shows how delicate the eye really is, and how complicated the process is to bring images back to the brain.
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• Philippines
30 Jul 11
Yep, I've also noticed it before when I was just a beginner in modeling human heads in 3d. I thought the eyes was round and wet and that's it. When I looked closely, I saw that a part of the cornea was concave and a part that makes up the lens looks convex. It's really complicated.