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July 30, 2011 3:39am CST
hate it when players shout while playing DOTA in an internet cafe. i think that shouting is not necessary as they are also within an arms reach from each other. what's more is that they always talk trash that even a dog can bear to listen. i really think its not proper for them to act that way because they are mostly college students and that the number of hours that they spent in playing that game exceeds the number of hours that they go to school. and there's more, there are also minors playing in this particular cafe and all the words that they will listen to is trash. i really hope parents should monitor this kind of place as it can be damaging to these kids.
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30 Jul 11
Hi silvermarky, That is a common problem among internet cafes, especially those located within the neighborhood. Kids are spending more time in these shops rather than in school. The loud noise that they create when they reach the heights of their emotions as they try to overpower the enemy in online games, give a headache to other customers nearby. This problem should be addressed to the owners of internet cafes, and also to the local authorities in the community. Perhaps, a big sign could be posted on the wall announcing "OBSERVE SILENCE'. Just like in libraries, if that is possible. The internet cafe is a public place and many people come here to avail its services. Therefore, it should be a conducive place to conduct one's business.
2 Aug 11
yeah you are right sir. if only there is a law that prohibits such kind of behaviour
• Philippines
3 Aug 11
yeah, its really annoying, i cant concentrated in my game, :(
• Sri Lanka
31 Jul 11
most of the people think only about themselves. some times me also.the word for it is selfishness. but we cannot everyone call like that. but silvermarky in this case, except you others are selfish. if the cafe users think about others, they will not get disterbed. and the owners do not tell a word because then they will think twice to come again there. you cannot carry out your work freely. you have nothing to do there. only thing is to do is find some other cafe. if not what we have to do...
@ddaguno (3110)
• Philippines
31 Jul 11
there should be a separate area for hard core gamers and for those who just want to use the internet. we cant help it if internet cafe owners allow shouting and other noise from gamers because they want to make money and they get loyal customers because they are not strict. you are right, it is up to the parents to monitor what their children are exposed to so they really should monitor their kids' whereabouts.