Auctions websites are legitimate or not?

July 30, 2011 9:16am CST
I've seen many auctions websites which have many great offers like iphones, ipods, laptops etc. Are they scam or just a real business? I also want to place bids on offers but only in legitimate websites. I'm not good in this type of fields. Even if I'll win any offer, is it sure that they will give me product? or they can charge me heavy to just deliver the product.
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• Philippines
7 Aug 11
there are legit and there are also scams. currently i am with tagvillage and the item auction is not yet ready and they are working on it for the launch in a few months. once it is live i will be the first to experience the auctions.
• Philippines
8 Aug 11
yeah, amazon and ebay are good ones. most amazon products will be available also in tagvillage and i believe tagvillage offers more than them.
@rona07 (1663)
• Philippines
30 Jul 11
yeah there are lots of auction sites and i tried a few of it. ebay is good, i purchased a few items there and so far i got all of my items. i also tried bidhere, i guess they are legit. I bid there once, and i won. however, since i am from the philippines they told me they can't mail the price. i ask for a refund and they gave it to me. they actually answers all my queries. However, it is risky. coz sometimes one might got carried away bidding and not noticing that they bid more than the price of the item. so there.. hope that helps.