"Super" got me thinking

United States
July 30, 2011 11:31am CST
Did you see this comedy "Super" lately? I don't it is a any kind of theater movie, but it might be available in DVD rentals. I kind of like the idea of "super", it is a movie described people as "losers" after many trauma, and failure within their lives, they would finally stand up for themselves, and disguised to be a hero or some sort to gain their self - esteem. That might relate to myself, and I was thinking. I don't have the job of what I wanted; I can't get the girl I always like; and sometimes I was made fun by people too. What is to lose, stand up for yourself once in your lifetime, and make an adventure for it, even though you might die someday, at least you feel the fun of it that is unforgettable. What do you think of it?
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@picjim (3003)
• India
31 Jul 11
I am glad you were able to assert yourself and stand up for something you feel strongly about.You can't get everything that you liked or wanted.But that need not make you despondent.You can try another day with better results.Any action of yours which increases your self esteem has to be good in the long run.Even if you do not have the job you aspired for or didn't get the girl of your choice,i feel the fact that you've got a job in these difficult days ought to improve your self esteem.
30 Jul 11
I think that's pretending to be somebody else that not really you if you do that, I think just be yourself and just reach for what you want to be,because if someone will be attracted to you while you were pretending and then realize that what he know about you wasn't true then it will be more embarrassing on your part. I think that only happened in a movie and not in real life.
@minimoyz (277)
• Philippines
30 Jul 11
i didn't see that movie but it sounds like its like the movie "kickass"that the guy in that movie wants to be a hero like somebody significant in his time. he is a loser too. everyone has a time when they think that they're not very comfortable of themselves that they think that someone is better than them. this attitude makes us feel like a loser. this should not be the case feeling inferior is a kind of sickness too. we should always think positive and we should do the things we are good at in order to achieve a very nice output in life.