How is life as college students?

July 30, 2011 9:14pm CST
What are you studying? Do you like it? What is the best / worst things that life as a student?
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@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
2 Aug 11
If you want to complete your studies in the period of study, it is hard. Additionally, it will (if you do not have rich parents) very narrow. I studied sociology and graduated a semester in Rotterdam and have a job in research. That was always my dream, he has come true, but I did not do much in his years on.
• Indonesia
31 Jul 11
I study chemistry. The best part is simultaneously the worst in student life: the freedom to plan. It usually itches anyone, whether you come to the lectures and exercises or not. While we have regular training and protocols and to performance assessments, but the pressure behind a very different than in school. The school has been an ever looked at your fingers, if the homework or exam was not dirty, gabs "You you you" from the teacher, possibly entry etc. At the university is not that way. Insist you the exam - great. You'll fall through - wayne? As a result, many students have the problem of procrastination. Great it is, of course, being able to sleep during the week, but in the exam period for hours every day to squat over books with which you could kill someone (~ 1000 pages is average), is not that great. The university is also correct in every detail - it's great to get an explanation of the world from a new point of view, when I suddenly in the lecture to see the light when I look at things from a different vantage point when I do things logically, mathematically and can understand physically, is said by those in the school: "Is so!" Continue to make do with little money and still have to pay, while former classmates at least get their money's apprentice, not so great. One always hopes that it will be better times for the university.
@shibham (17025)
• India
31 Jul 11
Hi... I am in touch of college but not as a student. when i see these students, i really recollect.... how much i missed my college days.
• Indonesia
31 Jul 11
Hello I can tell you one already. The university life of bachelor students is not as relaxed as that of former students. Although university offers more freedom than school, but also calls for more responsibility. I can not tell really what university life at the greatest, perhaps the feeling finally managed to have the school and to be a student now is:) And with the right friends, it is also a very fun time!