Punks are now an indicator of quality of life?

July 31, 2011 2:29am CST
I recently read an interesting article. While 20 years ago were still considered as an indication of the punks depravity of society, they are welcome by many today. This is because people like punks that are considered free and nonviolent. Where they "settle" there are no violent scenes from which they would otherwise marketed, and this is where many people want to live. It is in choice of residence, more than ever care that there is neither a right-wing scene, another scene of violent youths are from immigrant backgrounds. So I think there is something in it.
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• Indonesia
1 Aug 11
Unfortunately, no ... Yes, I share the view that peace-punks in general are ... ... Only they do not really have a "real added value" to society ... because the message of punk covers-most-solely on "anti, against which is what" ... ... Without showing even close "livable or viable" alternatives ... ... Sorry ... ... Because I always welcome any form of "reasonable resistance" ... ... If for some the "usefulness" inherent ... But to actually respond to your question: YES! "Meaningfulness" may well be attributed to the punks, because they try to make yes, by their mere and different type of being, after all, a resistance to the current system ... ... And I find that commendable, although it would be much more commendable, if there would be a matter of a "society" really viable alternative. Addendum to your supplement: So now you're really "abstract" ... What conclusions can be drawn from the fact that "they're here"? That each color has its complementary color ... where is Yin, Yang is also known as the ... well ... duality point. ... And that's good! Bottom line: punks make the world more colorful ...
• Indonesia
31 Jul 11
I know of no area where the punks are welcome. Wherever meet punks themselves, there is no time in new surveillance cameras disappear park benches, stone paragraphs, where you could sit now, get on top of small fences or metal trim, make the seats uncomfortable, if not impossible ... Would be nice if you were right.
@la_chique (1499)
31 Jul 11
I think it is sad that people are judged by how they look, dress or act. I think we are all guilty of it in some way or another. If you see a teenager in my country walking in the opposite direction with a hooded top and tracksuit bottoms on, many people just cross the road thinking they are a deviant, whilst that may not be the case at all. In fact a while back, our car had broken down at a busy cross roads. Many many elderly or middle aged drivers, well dressed in nice cars went past without offering any help. A battered old car pulled up and four youths got out, all dressed scruffily, with tracksuits on and offered to help us push the car out of the way. They even gave us a ride to and back from the petrol station to get some fuel for the car. It just goes to show how wrong people can be to judge.