July 31, 2011 2:35am CST
Worldwide, more and less rain my brother thinks he is the manure of many factory farms. Here the food is not enough for the animals so it must be world by ship, aircraft, trains and trucks made ??ran, then when the animals are large, they are again with ships, planes, trains and trucks carted away in all countries! The entire slurry is then here too much laughing gas and thus falls to the rise in the sky and that's why rain is the world reversed? What do you say to that?
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• Indonesia
31 Jul 11
I can not imagine at all. I've also never heard that from manure produced nitrous oxide, and certainly not that nitrous oxide prevents rain. And why of the nitrous oxide, which occurs mainly here, the rains fail in the world? And where's all the water vapor in the atmosphere to stay because if he can rain down anywhere? Lights all over me not one.