For what one editor of a newspaper / magazine is in charge?

July 31, 2011 10:15am CST
I know he stands in the hierarchy between the publisher and editor in chief. The publisher (or publisher) is the entrepreneur. Of the sheet financing, pocketing the profits. The chief editor is responsible for the management of the paper. He determines what is printed, making plans about what to write in the paper the next issues. He leads the editorial team.
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• Indonesia
1 Aug 11
Editor bring either books or newspapers and anthologies and magazines out. The former are authors who have a significant part of a collective work or a scientific work or a collection of poems. But it can also be individuals who are preparing the publication of a work, control, coordinate and organize. They keep in touch with the co-authors, agree on the substantive objectives and ensure compliance with the schedule, monitor the formal structure of the work and concerted attention to uniform citation references and index. There are also publishers who put their names on the basis of their reputation as a publisher and editor available team takes over the editorship of the work and makes the preparatory work.