Touch a child than older person

July 31, 2011 10:57am CST
Touch a child than older person, just because it's a child, coming just stupid for no reason In my house living older people, can be detached, one child to come to make silly or stupid, just because it's a child! I think these people espite cheeky and I have already complained to my landlord! For me, these people are primitive and anti-social and I think the slap! What kind of a world in which one rises just about children and their naughty-meets stupid! Is it any wonder that the youth of old age has no respect?
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@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
2 Aug 11
What does exactly does "come stupid" in that case? And what should the landlord do? It's okay that you stand behind your child, but still check again whether it has acted properly. Explain to your child that older people often have stricter views and are sometimes difficult to do so to raise understanding for children. The small children usually understand quite well. And then makes sure that you both (you and the child) remains polite and businesslike AND START no small useless war. You must not put anything on the gold scale.
• Indonesia
1 Aug 11
I think that's totally mean! A child is just a human like everyone else, and if older people do that it's no wonder if the child is doing exactly the same thing later! Hopefully, your landlord in the case is active, otherwise I would have just been talking with the same stupid people that the child!