Do you have any strange foible?

July 31, 2011 9:24pm CST
Do you have special habit?I have learned that every foible could reveal some of your characterization of nature.Maybe we could realize much clearly about ourselves by paying attention to them. As it for me,when I am drinking with a cup with arm,I like to put my mouth near the arm of cup.And I am used to get back and make sure the door is closed sometimes after I closed the door... So,do you have any strange foible?Do them bring you some trouble or fun?Do you like to share with us?
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• Philippines
2 Aug 11
Hi EthanWan :) I am not being arrogant but I do good in mathematics since I first started studying. But there is that strange attitude of mine that even my girlfriend notices. Whenever I have to deal with money, I always count on it several times before stopping even though I'm sure to how many it really is. For example, I got my change after paying a large bill on a store. I will not stop counting my change even though I've counted it over and over again. I will count it from the moment the cashier gives it to me until I can go take a seat. Its funny and my girlfriend always teases me with that. LOL!
@thatgirl13 (7307)
• South Korea
2 Aug 11
omg yes. I do the same as you. even after i know i've closed the door, i have to somehow check it again or i have this weird feeling in me haha i thought i was the only one who did that and i have another one too. whenever i do some cleaning, like my room for example, everything has to be really perfect, not even crooked by a bit. all the books, bed sheets everything should be really perfect. i find it weird but i get really annoyed if they don't look really neat haha but after a few days it's back to the pig sty look again haha!!