i felt so nervous, but i had a great time!

July 31, 2011 10:00pm CST
Last Saturday, me and few friends went to the shooting range for the first time. he brought with him his . 45 and .22 caliber pistol. it was the first time i've been to that place, at first i was so excited but when i get there, i felt too nervous that i almost back out! but afraid that my company will get disappointed, and with their encouragement, i force myself to push through with it. thank's God i was able to do it the right way. equipped with earmuffs and gaggles i hold the real gun and pull the trigger towards the target and they are amazed, i make it to the bulls eye! that was really fun and i a very exciting experience for me. the .45 caliber is much powerful, but it's my favorite now. how about you, what was your first experience when you fire a real gun?
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