do you think online survey its real

@zhawee (875)
July 31, 2011 11:26pm CST
I have alot of online survey that i sign up, but all of those get my information. After 1 weeks to waitng there reply or invitation. until now afew months no one invitation i received in my emails. or even i check my account t0 their site.. its this real?
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@Harmonics (251)
• Philippines
4 Aug 11
There are many legitimate surveys on the internet but the bad thing is there are more surveys that are scam. You can easily tell if it is a scam because they require you to shell out some amount of money in order to access their data bank of surveys. I find it illogical that i have to pay someone when he have to ask me about something. Or much better, using the search engine, type the name of the survey followed by the word "scam" and then take time to read the forums and based from the opinion and ideas of other people who have log on to it, you can deduced whether it was legit or scam.
@laniekins (4585)
• Philippines
1 Aug 11
Yes, survey sites are for US, Canada & UK, the rest countries is depends on the site. You really get benefit if you are living in the stated country above.
@minx267 (14580)
• Hartford, Connecticut
1 Aug 11
There are many REAL surveys out there.. there are also some that try to get as much info out of you without actually paying you. I hate those sites. But most surveys are really only focused on getting info from people in certain countries. So it all depends on where you are, that may be why you have not gotten any responses. I belong to a great survey site. I think the best.. It pays me $3 for every survey directly to my Paypal.. usually the next day. They don't send me TONS of them but 2-3 a month.. which is very good. and sometimes I get to try out products that they send me for free and review them and get an additional $3. this is Pinecone Research it's for US residents. I have one or 2 other sites I take surveys at too. but they don't pay as good or as fast as this one. It is the best in my opinion.
@waflay (2727)
• Nairobi, Kenya
1 Aug 11
Hi, I know there are those only surveys that really pay. I have registered in may of them but very unfortunate that they don't operate in my country. Those that are in my country go for ground survey rather than online one, so it depends on which country you are in.