What makes a SLR camera better than a simple digital camera?

August 1, 2011 3:46am CST
I would like to devote his time to intense photography. I intend to purchase a new camera. Everywhere I hear that one is for the ambitious Clippers SLR Camera is a must? Why? What can, what others can not? And what camera you can recommend?
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@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
2 Aug 11
Hello, You can change the lens and you can connect an external flash (eg with large areas of advantage for better illumination). You also have manual controls (aperture, exposure time). At work, we take photographs with SLRs.
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
2 Aug 11
For a compact camera you have the following advantages / disadvantages: + Small and compact + Many predefined scene settings (Portait, Landscape, Macro, etc.) + No additional accessories required (flash, lens, etc.) Sensor-less Optics usually not the best -You do not look directly through the lens of your image area (mostly digital viewfinder - poor quality) - Battery packs, batteries runs out quickly because a typical monitor is -Usually no connection for external flash - internal flash only short-range Exposure control is not as extensive (aperture and time settings, manual focus, etc.) Poor noise performance at high-sensitivity Exposure times usually only to 1 / 2000 Very long-delay - Snapshots almost impossible SLR pros / cons + Large sensor + You can check the lenses you need to buy - wide angle, telephoto, or universal, or Fixbrennweite + You look through the viewfinder, what then is the image directly through the camera and the lens + Accus / Batteries last much longer because no one is needlessly continually monitor - except for image previews + External wide range of accessories available (external flash, various lenses, macro lenses, etc) + Set everything manually (aperture, time, Focus) + Sensitivity usually much better than compact - thus better noise performance + Shutter speeds to 1 / 8000 is possible - depending on camera model + Camera ready - fire on - delay = 0 -Usually much larger than compact Prize - no upper limits - at least for the lenses Basic knowledge required - otherwise you shoot only in program mode, a compact and well Camera: Nikon - very good comprehensive system, all combined, old lenses fit on new D-SLR - good entry-level models are available with good lenses - Price / Performance OK Canon - very good comprehensive system that not everything can be combined, in part, old lenses fit together in a new D-SLR - Price / Performance OK - good starter kit available Pentax - good entry-level model, extensive accessories - starter kit available Sony - is only recently with D-SLR on the market - certainly good mature system price / performance? Very good information is available at this link. There you will find all new and some older cameras, and can compare them great.