my dream catchers give me a good sleep and good dreams at night

August 1, 2011 10:01am CST
over the last 6 months i have problems with my sleep. i usually wake up at night feeling terrified because of disturbing nightmares. it occurs once or twice every week. it really disturbs me a lot and because of that, im afraid to go to sleep and later i developed insomnia. my bf heard about the dream catcher so he bought me one. when i using it, it was effective, im having good dreams at night and all my nightmares are gone and i can sleep well at night. dream catchers work by allowing good dreams to pass through the holes and bad dreams are trap in the web or net. now, everytime i go to bed i feel soo excited to sleep and dream wonderful dreams.
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@pacrptc (231)
• United States
1 Aug 11
that;s great... very happy for you... i am going to have to get one of those... every time i dream it is basically a nightmare... ever since i was young... maybe a dream catcher will work