Doing things that only we want.

United States
August 1, 2011 1:15pm CST
I find it interesting how difficult it is for people to want to do anything they are not interested in. For instance, take work. We all have jobs but since it is essential to our lifestyle we will do it grudgingly especially if it is not a job we like...but if we are asked to go above and beyond what our jobs call of us...we rarely do. However, if we are working on something we like then we will gladly go above and beyond. That is what interests me since it is a cultural phenomenon that I believe has slowed us down as a civilization. Our sense of duty seems to have deminished to the point where we no longer will give 110% unless we absolutely have to. What do you guys think? Have we lost a sense of urgency as a society?
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• Philippines
1 Aug 11
I would want a job that I liked to do. I've always liked being an animator for a known company or corporation like Pixar and Dreamworks. I'd like to know how they operate and, of course, I'd like to work with them because they are a legend, no doubt. They're movies are enough testimony for me.