The Saga of UDRS

August 2, 2011 6:32am CST
Dear All, The UDRS is still an enigma and quite frankly, it is irritating. I say it is irritating because, the system was introduced to reduce errors. But unfortunately, there were some mistakes were not corrected. I am not suggesting that, these corrections (if it were made), would have affected the result at all...!!! May be instead of a four day win, England would have done it in five days...!!! :D This series, it was decided that the Hawk Eye would not be used and it would be just the services of the Hot Spot. It was also decided that the LBWs will be left up to the umpires on the field...!!!! NOW .. What a blunder that was...!!! Let me explain...!!! Sadly, Umpire Marais Erasmus had a very bad test match and made a few errors. VVS Lakshman supposedly edged a delivery to which every one appealed and the initial decision was OUT... But the batsman referred it and the Snickometer failed to detect an edge...!!! Then, later in the innings, Harbhajan's wicket (the second wicket of Stuart Broad's Hat- trick), was actually a huge inside edge...!!! Stuart Broad probably deserved a hat- trick, the way he bowled. Yes, but at that point of time, Harbhajan was actually not out...!!!.. The point I am trying to make is, if someone can refer the decision, when a batsman is given out or not out for an edge or no edge, why can't an LBW decision be reversed in case of an inside edge or lack of it???? I am all for UDRS. The idea is to reduce errors. But then the ICC has to decide where to use it and how to use it... They have to identify the areas where maximum errors are made and use the UDRS there and wisely...!!!! And India... Shut up and just use the UDRS....!!!!! Share your views...!!! Balu
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@Wismay (2038)
• India
4 Aug 11
Hi Balu! You have a point but when umpires can check whether the bowler has bowled a no-ball when a catch is taken etc then why not they do the same to check whether ball has any contact with the bat for LBW? For this they don't need Hawk-eye technology, just a replay is enough! Happy Mylotting!
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@sabhari05 (263)
• India
2 Aug 11
Hey balu I feel you are right UDRS system so times make mistake I feel that India did not want UDRS system as a result LBW Decision are not reviewed in this test series or otherwise more decision might go wrong.I feel more technologies should be introduced to minimize the mistake that happens during UDRS.
• Bangladesh
2 Aug 11
In hot spot infra-red technology is used which is not 100 per cent accurate at all time.It was possible that a nick could go undetected if a batsman applied vaseline or another lubricant on the edges of his bat.It also depend on weather,if bad weather then it is quite impossible to find out the real result. So,hot spot is really a luck and I want say that its bad luck for team India. I do agree with you regarding UDRS.ICC should make more experiment on UDRS on domestric cricket before applying on International cricket.