A sudden death

@savypat (20246)
United States
August 2, 2011 8:38am CST
A very close friend dropped dead yesterday, there was no warning and I must admit that my first reaction was that is the way to go. Then I thought of his wife of 60 years and the rest of his family. I tried to picture myself in their place and found I couldn't do that, Oh I know how I would feel but one really cannot tell how others will feel. This man had been though a couple of dangerous illnesses and had totally recovered, but he had been close to a death that would have been long and drawn out. His family can only be thankful that he recovered from those and died with little or no suffering. But even though they had prepared for his death before this sudden death must have caught them unprepared. If you can will you give a prayer for this family. Thank you and I know Ellen and the rest of the family will thank you.
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2 Aug 11
i feel sorry for their lost, but thats life, we didn't know when our time will end here on earth, its hard to accept at first but all of us will going there. all we could do is pray for the family and wish them well after what happened. my condolences for the family.
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@cher913 (25891)
• Canada
2 Aug 11
it is very hard when someone passes away suddenly. we had a friend who was in an airplane accident and left his wife and two young boys behind.
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